TouchTap™ enables designers to extend the input capability to the entirety of the case. This is achieved via a software upgrade without the need for expensive hardware by using the sound and vibration generated by a person tapping on the casework to determine the presence of an input command from the user. TouchTap™ technology is targeted at:

Smartphones: Extending touch beyond the screen to the entirety of the case and making it easier to input text and commands as well as enhancing the user interaction with applications and games.

Feature phones: Adding touchscreen capability for menu navigation where a touch screen is inappropriate or too expensive. Also adding casework input functionality to enhance the user experience as outlined for smartphones.

Big Fat Soft-key

TouchTap Camera™ App (Beta Testing - Not yet released on Android market)

TouchTap Camera™ App is an application enabling the user to take camera shots by tapping on the the back of the handset in a natural ergonomic position for the hand.
TouchTap Camera™ App enables the user to easily take shots of the user and friends using the front camera single-handed for greater comfort.

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